About us

It was a chance meeting that our Founder member, Mr. C.M. Jayaraman had with members of the renowned V O Chidamabaramnathan’s (VOC) family, during Sept.1983, that gave birth to Citizens’ Voice Coimbatore (previously called Citizens Voice Club). Subsequent to his meeting with J.Kamalanathan, Indian Express Columnist Mr. J.M. Prabhu, who was the driving force gave CM Jayaraman the required morale boost to pursue social service as a passion.

Despite being close to 80 years of age, Mr. Prabhu guided Jayaraman in his endeavor to prepare for seminars / talks shows etc. It will be inappropriate not to mention a word of ‘thanks’ to the visionary Mr. Prabhu, from whom Jayaraman imbibed the qualities about Consumerism and the challenges faced by the consumers in various sectors. It was from here that Jayaraman initiated efforts to help ‘consumers’ by writing to News Papers on variety of consumer issues, to highlight the plight of the Indian Consumer. During this period, he was joined by three likeminded friends – Mr. C .V Manikandan, Mr. R. Ganeshan and Mr. Rafi Ahmed, who actually laid the foundation for CVC. This group was further enhanced with the life member support of Mr. V.K.Vasudevan, with a donation of Rs. 500.00, which helped the team design and list activities.

From then on, it was by word of mouth that few eminent people, from various walks of life joined the group and it was no looking back from then on. Then we had philanthropists like Mr. G. D. Gopal, who came forward and offered us office space with all amenities to this day!Being the first of its kind in the city of Coimbatore, to help Consumers raise their voice, against irregularities, it soon became a movement.  It received accolades at both State and Central levels, for the good work done to society at large and the membership grew beyond 100. A testimony to this was the recognition received by CVC for winning Central and State level awards.

Some of the major milestones achieved during those growing years.


State award 1st prize in 1992
National award in 1996

Some Of Our Ongoing  Activities

We resist encroachment and debris dumping, which is choking ponds

We have signed MOUs with various colleges to create consumer clubs and conduct competitions

We emphasize the importance of Climate Control and its cascading effect on Environment

List of core members

The core group of members, needs mention at this juncture for their unstinted support, during the challenging years:

 Mr. C.M. Jayaraman

Retd. Manager SBI & current President of CVC

Mr. M.M. Rajendran

Retd. LWO Asbestos &  Secretary of CVC

Mr. Balasubramaniam

Current Treasurer of CVC & President of Katoor Residents Assn, Coimbatore

Mr. Ram Prakash

Organizing Secretary of CVC & Board Member, Avinashlingam JSS.

 Mr. V A Shanmugam

Retd. Admin Officer LIC & current Committee Member of CVC

Mr. Karuppiah

Retd. Junior Accts Officer

Mr. R. Kumar

Retd. Manager, Central Bank of India, Advisor to CVC.

Mr. R. Purshothaman

Retd. DRO & currently Vice President of CVC

Mr. N.K. Velu

Retd. Add Supdt of Police & currently advisor of CV

 Mr. Anbunathan

Retd. Jt. Director of Animal Husbandary

Mr. Prasanna

Retd. Asst Commissioner, Central Excise

Mr. Rtn Arun Gokuldas

Businessman with record holder for Blood donations.

Mr. D. Kumaravelu

Retd. Chief Engineer TNEB

Mr. Kesavan Nair

Vice President of Pensioners Assn Coimbatore

Mr.Odanthurai . Shanmugam

Ex Panchayat President & winner of state + National award.

Mr. Sivasubramaniam

Retd. Joint Commissioner of Transport

Mr. P.A.Thirunavukarusu

Managing Trustee, AIM, NGO Coimbatore

Mr. Subramaniyan.P

Retd. G.M. GORICA Group, Dubai,  CVC Co-ordinator.

Mr. Rozario J

Retd. Head Master, St.Michaels School

Mr. Victor

Internal Auditor, Viswanathan Group, Coimbatore